Key Projects

To accomplish the goals of the National Foundation for American Policy, its research is divided into four areas: Global Talent and Competitiveness, Essential Workers and Economic Growth, Western Hemisphere Trade, and Regulatory and Tax Policy.


Project on Global Talent and Competitiveness
America’s openness and dynamic character is one of its greatest strengths. Allowing talented individuals to study
and work in the United States is part of that strength. Today, it is clear that free trade in services is as important
as the free flow of goods. To compete in the global economy of the 21st century, U.S. companies need access to skilled
international professionals who can research, innovate, and grow businesses and key sectors of the economy. Research
into the common bond between competitiveness and openness will be a key facet of the Project on Global Talent and
Competitiveness. In addition, while nations have made much progress in lowering trade barriers in the last two
decades, protectionist elements continue to thwart efforts for free trade and liberalized rules on investment. Efforts
by U.S. states to restrict trade in goods and services merit considerable attention, as such efforts often violate the
U.S. Constitution and American trade obligations, while potentially leading to retaliation against U.S. companies seeking
contracts abroad.


Project on Essential Workers and Economic Growth
Every year, hundreds of willing workers die in the American Southwest seeking a chance to provide for their families and fill
a need in the U.S. labor market. The Project on Essential Workers and Economic Growth will examines policies to eliminate
these tragedies and establish legal channels for workers who fill U.S. economic needs. In addition, while other developed
economies will see their workforce shrink by 15 percent or more by 2030, America’s openness to immigration will allow the
U.S. labor force to grow by more than 18 percent during the same period, enhancing America’s economic growth.


Project on Western Hemisphere Trade
Despite the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), policies continue that harm consumers. Meanwhile, security
concerns need to be balanced with the enormous economic value of the trade and tourism that every day crosses America’s
northern and southern borders. A goal of the Project on Western Hemisphere Trade is to study and supply solutions so that
the vision of free trade throughout the hemisphere can be attained.


Project on Regulatory and Tax Policy
Each year, many well-meaning regulations are promulgated that produce unintended consequences. Similarly, U.S. tax policy
often creates distortions in the marketplace that undermine American competitiveness and inhibit job growth. A goal of the
Project on Regulatory and Tax Policy is to expose well-meaning, but counter-productive policies that hurt the economy and
prevent employers and workers from prospering.




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